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Join our cooking classes during
the Olympic Games 2024

Don't miss our special events during the Paris Olympic Games 2024 and soon to come for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. You can choose among activities in the morning or the afternoon, before or during the olympic events held at Versailles and in the Yvelines. Nomber of places avalaible are restricted so don't wait !

Our classes in English for our visitors all year long

You're coming to Versailles and are looking for an activity other than visiting the Palace 👑 ? You're at the right place !

Come to Le Cuisinaire du Roi to spend a nice time with a cooking or pastry workshop. In small group, you will experience French cooking and prepare those French pastries that you love so much.

  • Nervous about your cooking skills ?

Don't be! Our classes welcome all levels, from beginners to seasoned chefs. Our cheffe provides hands-on guidance and make sure everyone feels confident and capable in the kitchen.

  • Too busy exploring Versailles to fit in a cooking class ?

We've got you covered! Our classes offer flexible scheduling, including evening sessions. No matter your itinerary, there's a class time that fits. All classes are on-demand. You decide when and how many people will intend.

  • Worried about dietary restrictions limiting your options ?

 No worries! Our classes offer customizable recipes and ingredient substitutions to accommodate various dietary needs, including gluten-free, vegetarian, and allergies. Just let us know your requirements, and we'll ensure you have a delicious experience tailored to your needs.

➡️ Ready to dive into the culinary delights of Versailles? Book your class now and let's cook up some unforgettable memories! ⬅️

Just click on the name of the course to learn more.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

You can do it by email or phone.

Bien sûr, tous ces ateliers peuvent aussi se dérouler en français !

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